Palma Lab for atomically precise soft matter technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Device Physics, Surface Science, Synthesis and Simulations for Atomically Precise Organic Technology at Interfaces
The Palma Lab aims at unveiling a generation of ultra-efficient organic soft matter technology, designed atom by atom, to tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century: energy (transparent photovoltaics), mobility (piezoelectrics), access (THz emitters, memristors, citizen science) & health (biosensors)
Cover for Nacho's & David's work on quasicrystallinity
Quasicrystalline 2D metal-organic networks from Europium coordination nodes on Au(111) substrates
Direct (anti)aromatic on-surface fabrication on insulators reported in Nature Communications
Polyaromatic hydrocarbons can now be fabricated (and soon polymerized) on silver and boron nitride substrates at temperatures below 300 °C, potentially changing the way we fabricate graphene-like materials

First self-assembly-sensitized graphene solar cell published in Nature Communications
Supramolecular self-assembled networks can be now employed to fabricate a monolayer-thin solar cell en route towards atomically precise organic solar cells